Women Corporate Directors Network

The Women Corporate Directors Network is an initiative by the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe that seeks not only to increase the number of women in executive and board positions, but to take them through training and mentorship so they are better placed to execute these roles. The Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No 20) Act, 2013 pronounces itself clearly in that, Section 17 provides that the State must promote full gender balance in Zimbabwean society, promote full participation of women in all spheres, on the basis of equality with men. It set a target of at least 50% membership in all institutions and agencies of government at every level. This is also in support of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) Number 5 which seeks to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Young Directors Network

The ICDZ aims that tomorrow’s corporate leaders are properly supported and represented. There is need for succession planning in order to ensure business continuity hence the Young Directors Network(YDN).

Youth on Boards Zimbabwe (YoBZ)

ICDZ through the Youth on Boards Zimbabwe (YOBZ) supports the inclusion of the youth voice in decision-making through representation of youths on boards.

Directors’ Excellence Honours

The Directors’ Excellence Honours were pioneered by the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe (ICDZ) in order to recognize the achievements of individuals in Zimbabwe who have distinguished themselves as effective board members by contributing to the success of their enterprises or organizations.

ership for and among our members.

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