Assess Your Governance Practices Against Best Practices

Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe Governance Reviews provide in-depth analysis of an organization’s governance structure, processes, and drivers. Our faculty reviews your current practices and shares opportunities for improvement or refinement based on Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe’s recommended best practices.


Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe's faculty comprises more than 30 sitting directors and subject-matter experts. Your faculty member will be matched to your organization according to his or her boardroom and industry experience.View a sampling of companies and organizations our faculty are currently serving, or have served in the past.


A governance review engagement begins with a planning call between the Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe team and designated client representatives to set expectations and goals. Then, depending on the scope of the engagement and giving consideration to its desired outcomes, Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe's faculty may inventory your board's structure, processes, documents, communications, and practices.

When this inventory is complete, Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe's faculty will assess the results of the inventory against Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe's researched and recommended best practices. The findings from this assessment can be compiled into a detailed report and presented to the full board during an interactive discussion, if requested.

Sample Scope of Review

  • Review documents such as bylaws, governance guidelines, committee charters, and minutes
  • Interview directors and executives to assess the quality of boardroom communications
  • Attend and observe dynamics, practices, and effectiveness of board and committee meetings
  • Report on how your company aligns or varies from leading governance practices
  • Deliver results highlighting key findings and recommended next steps


  • Provides an objective, credible, and unbiased analysis: Use the review findings and recommendations from us and the authority on governance practices with more than 5 years of experience, to influence positive governance change.
  • Provides practical guidance: Concrete action steps establish a path for continuous improvement.
  • Demonstrates strategic commitment: Our governance review demonstrates to stakeholders a commitment to strategic alignment and governance excellence.
  • Earns Institute Of Corporate Directors ZimbabweFellowship® credits: Show your dedication to strategic alignment and governance excellence.

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Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe helps you to assess your governance structures and processes, then benchmarks your practices against those of comparable organizations.

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Ongoing Advisory Services

Our faculty works with clients on an extended basis to provide coaching and guidance from a sitting director and governance expert.