Identify and Place Directors With the Skills Your Board Needs

Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe Board Recruitment Services pair a thorough understanding of your board's needs with a candidate base that is second to none. Our professional network of qualified directors exceeds 30 in number. Our experienced team of search professionals delivers candidates with the precise skill sets you need to help guide your long-term strategy.

Institute Of Corporate Directors
Zimbabwe Search Professionals

Our team is led by search professionals and draws upon the Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe in leading governance practices and effective board dynamics.


Our customized process is designed to allow you flexibility throughout your search. Following a meeting to review your growth strategy, culture, and skills gaps and to help you refine your candidate criteria, Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe's search professionals will conduct a customized search, identify exceptional candidates from our proprietary network, interview each candidate to ensure they are the best possible fit, and then provide a slate of directors who fulfill your precise requirements, including preferences for diversity.We will continue to support you throughout your search, interview, and onboarding processes.


  • Exclusive network:Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe maintains its own proprietary network of highly qualified, independent candidates.
  • Board development expertise: Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe brings leading practices.
  • Cost-effective option:We offer a board-specific alternative to traditional search firms.

Board Services help directors strengthen investor trust and stakeholder confidence.


Our board recruitment services enable you to find the most qualified candidates with the skills you need to help guide your long-term strategy.


Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe helps you to assess your governance structures and processes, then benchmarks your practices against those of comparable organizations.

In-Boardroom Education

Institute Of Corporate Directors Zimbabweprovides confidential, tailored education programs and advisory briefings for directors and C-suite executives—right in your boardroom.

Ongoing Advisory Services

Our faculty works with clients on an extended basis to provide coaching and guidance from a sitting director and governance expert.