Corporate Governance

The Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe’ national office and each of its local chapters are accountable to a national Board of Directors. In keeping with our vision and mission, the Board is committed to corporate governance practices of the highest standards.

The Board’s responsibilities include governance, leadership, and stewardship of us and for supervising the management of the business and affairs of the Institute.

Board of Directors

The Board is composed of our members representing all regions of Zimambabwe. The officers and directors serving on the Board are volunteers, with the exception of the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe President & CEO. 

The Board has an Audit Committee and a Governance and Human Resources Committee. The Board does from time to time, establish and maintain additional or different committees as it deems necessary or appropriate.

Why learn with us?

The Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe strives to lead and demonstrate the value of excellence in directorship and enlightens directors to anticipate, influence, and meet boardroom challenges.

Our members receive exclusive benefits that help them to perform their director role effectively and make an appropriate contribution in the boardroom.