The ICDZ.CD represents a lifelong commitment to excellence in the boardroom, a desire to stay current, and to be a more effective director. With an ICDZ.CD, you are recognized as a director who can have more informed, focused and effective discussions around the boardroom table.

Maintaining CEUs

Individuals who have received the ICDZ.CD are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours of continuing education annually (and maintain membership in the ICDZ) in order to retain their designation.

1. How do I calculate my Continuing Professional Development Hours? 36 hours is a yearly requirement, 14 of which must be attained through the ICDZ. These are counted from January to December.

2. How do I report my CPDs? You are not required to report your CPDs or individual activities to the ICDZ and you may track them at your own discretion. However, on an annual basis, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed the requisite CPDs.

3. How do I know what is considered to be a continuing education activity? The general rule of thumb is that any activity that enhances your knowledge of the boardroom and governance practices and consequently makes you a better corporate director can be considered to be continuing education.

4. What broad categories and general activities count towards the 36 hours? The following types of events count towards maintaining your ICDZ.CD designation: ICDZ Education Programs and Events (account for all 36 or up to 14 hours or): Activities include events, conferences, seminars, workshops, formal education programs and one-day short courses.: Activities include mentoring; participating as a guest speaker or executive-in-residence at a formal director education program; acting as an examiner for the ICDZ.CD oral certification exams; or developing or teaching governance courses. Governance Research (account for up to 10 hours): Activities include publishing research, texts or articles related to improving governance and corporate directors. Networking events (up to 14 CPDs required): Activities include attending formal networking events such either from ICDZ or other recognized institutes. Credit towards networking is being considered given most corporate directors tend to learn from interacting with their peers.

ICDZ.CD Examination Deferment and Re-Test Policy

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Designation Process

An applicant or designation candidate must:

  • Graduate from the ICDZ Directors Education Program
  • Be a current member in good standing of the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe, having signed the ICDZ's Member Code of Conduct
  • Successfully pass the ICDZ.CD online examination
  • Successfully pass the ICDZ.CD oral peer examination given by the ICDZ appointed examiners
  • Sign the ICDZ.CD Designation Agreement, which requires directors with ICDZ.CD to commit to a minimum of 14 hours ongoing governance education annually.

Use of the ICDZ.CD Designation

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Exam Overview

The ICDZ.CD examinations evaluate the skills and knowledge deemed necessary to be an effective director, assessed through a multiple-choice online examination and an oral examination. This assessment is aligned with the ICDZ’s key competencies for an effective director. During the oral examination, a group of up to five candidates take part in a case study and simulated boardroom environment, administered by examiners that are some of Zimbabwe's most experienced directors. Following the board simulation, each candidate receives a one-on-one interview with one of the examiners.