Compensation Comes Under Scrutiny

Executive compensation, say on pay, and transparency are only a few of the challenges confronting Compensation Committees today. Is your Compensation Committee ready for such scrutiny? The Compensation Committee Index is designed to help you determine how you can make your Compensation Committee more effective and demonstrate best practice to your constituencies and the markets. Ours is the only board-driven, anonymous, confidential, and web-based evaluation tool to benchmark Compensation Committees. Whether you are a public or private company, The Compensation Committee Index will tell you what’s working, what isn’t, and what members seem to disagree about. You cannot afford to miss this information


  • Improve Performance – Our report enables your board to establish a baseline and benchmark against internal metrics and best practices.
  • Respond to Key Metrics – Our Indexes are customizable for your company and situation, to respond to any key metrics that you need.
  • Annual Evaluation and Director Educational Mandates – TBI is accredited by RiskMetrics/ISS, allowing you to assess your board and fulfill director continuing education requirements simultaneously.
  • Make Better, Clearer Decisions – Our process helps directors identify and understand strengths and areas to improve,
  • Avoid Mistakes – Contrary to other approaches, TBI is objective, independent, and comprehensive. With complete security, anonymity, and confidentiality, directors can answer freely and candidly, resulting in a valid report
  • Recognize and Respond to Emerging Regulations – TBI proactively integrates the changing governance practices, laws, and regulations into its indexes.